“Tania is just wonderful to work and be with. A wide range of qualities come to my mind whilst writing this. Let me name some: gentle, friendly, able to go slow, creative, open to inquire fearlessly, straightforward, looking for simplicity and the profoundness of that, humorous and just wonderful to bewithin that, able to acknowledge where situations could improve in her actions and ways, humble, open to experiment, fearless in stepping into new things, loving, and there you go. So if you want to have fun, learn with each other, have exciting times I would certainly suggest to work and hangout with Tania. I wouldn't hesitate a split second to step into that.” ~ Maaike Hoijtink

“I have been facilitated by dozens of people when it comes to The Work, and Tania is one of the most skilled. In fact, thinking about it, I'd say she's in the top 3, and Byron Katie  herself is one of those three. You're in good hands with Tania.”  ~ Rick Hoogendoorn

"Doing Inquiry is so uplifting, truthful and freeing and the method is so simple.  Experiencing it with Tania, it becomes even more extraordinary.  Her artful guidance blends fierce honesty, humour and humility and encourages us to move beyond the surface of our existence.  Her lively and enlightened approach has helped me unpack mountains of interrelated, limiting beliefs and long-held behavioral patterns that weren’t serving me in my personal or professional life.   I highly recommend Tania to individuals or groups who are ready to step toward a deeper engagement with life."

Susan Morrison

Board of Directors, Vice-President

Kootenay Co-op, Nelson, B.C.


“Tania is the consummate professional. She is insightful, compassionate yet firm and has a thorough understanding of the Work and it's use in positively redirecting one's life. I recommend her highly." ~ Chris Storm

“Tania and I worked together in a tele-course and at a BKI event. Her experience as a Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie and willingness to hold the space for her clients as they inquire into their thoughts is thorough and compassionate. I endorse her whole-heartedly as a colleague, friend and facilitator.” ~ Robyn Povich

"Thank God!!! We have certified facilitators in Vancouver, Canada. Inspiring!  It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you.  What worked: The way she gets involved and does The Work for herself. Tania's soft, caring, loving and compassionate way of doing facilitation. Tania is extremely gifted as a facilitator. Tania's willingness to disclose her deep truth when giving examples. Truly eye opening. Tania was a wonderful presenter." ~ VB

"Doing The Work is a very rewarding experience for me - doing it with Tania is rewarding at a whole other level-. It opened my awareness of myself in a way that was profoundly life changing. It was a combination of Tania's incisive clarity and unconditional acceptance, and the result left me feeling as light as a feather and as deep as the sea. That feeling has stayed with me, and has impacted the way I live my life and the way I interact with my family, friends and collegues. Life is more fun, my relationships are richer and deeper, and I find that I am more accepting of myself and others." ~ Carol  

"I experienced Tania as a skilled facilitator and mentor who helped me inquire about my uninvestigated stressful thoughts/beliefs using The Work of Byron Katie.  Tania's open and gentle heart combined with her warm sense of humor provide a safe environment for clients to 'go deeper' using The Work.  Ultimately I was able to find freedom (and relief!) from some long-held beliefs. Thank you Tania." ~ Dian 

"To this day The Work I did with you was the most amazing ever, and not because I haven't done great work by myself and with others, but it taught me that I could do the work with an open heart, and not believe my client's facilitator's stories more than they do.  You showed me by example how to percieve innocence at a level I had never been able to before.  Your open heart is what allowed mine to open also." ~ CVM

"My experiences in Tania’s parenting group continue to be of enormous benefit in my relationships with my children, husband, friends, and most of all, with myself. Tania inspires me to explore who I really am being in any given moment, and that awareness has positive impacts far beyond any “tips and techniques” parenting course I’ve taken. As a parenting educator, I will never teach another “how to” course because I see that being intentionally present and aware is the key to wonderful relationships, rather than what we say or do. Tania facilitates with great love, presence and patience, allowing every participant to be safe and free being just who they are." ~ Leslie Fitzsimmons

"Life changing events are just that – life changing.  When these times occur in our lives we have a choice on how to react to them. Not everyone is instinctively able to choose to accept what happens in their lives in a positive and constructive way. I was one of those people and sometimes still struggle. I thought my life was “done” in a sense when my marriage ended. It was a long journey for me before I found Tania and the Work. It was not until then that I was able to finally begin to heal, learn and grow from the experience. As a result I think I am finally beginning to “live” – really live in a much more peaceful and joyful place and with a zest for life that I could not have even imagined existed. Tania herself has been an excellent resource and coach. She is extremely supportive but also open and tough when she needs to be! She is also very good at finding many ways to explain and illustrate things when you can’t quite see it. I can’t express how lucky I am to have found Tania and the Work. It has literally changed my life. Life can be fun and filled with love and excitement – and after doing The Work and I can say that with complete confidence and believe it." ~ AM Vancouver

"Meeting Tania Fierro is like meeting a colorful burst of sunlight. As a regular Tuesday morning Wild Woman Workout™ participant, she arrives fresh, focused and full of light, her face open and bright! Our chats throughout the class are lively and enlightened and it is through these exchanges that I have come to know the sincerity with which she approaches her work and life. My journey of artistic growth and self-discovery has led me to many so-called helpers and healers. During this trip I have learned some mighty important questions to ask: Putting all of his/her words, ideas and accolades aside, is this person a healthy, impressive example for me? Does this person come from a place of sincerity or is this person wearing the mask of healing, or the mask of spirituality? Tania is a dedicated journeyer, her travels run deep and true and she wears no mask. I recall one of many poignant moments we shared as we were discussing this wild path of mine, (remembering that I am always a student in my own classroom!), and she simply said, ‘Patience in your truth’. These words stay close by me all the time because to compromise my truth due to impatience would get me what exactly?" ~ Donna-Lynne