What is Inquiry?
Inquiry is a specialized model of personal development and self-discovery that allows us to identify, question and transform the limitations and beliefs that bring obstacles into our lives and get in the way of our freedom. We envision creating a community of people interested in having an in-depth immersion into Inquiry with the motivation to integrate this practice in all aspects of our lives as a way of coming back to, and leading into, our inner wisdom, clarity of mind, integrity, truth, and confident course of action. The foundation of our approach utilizes The Work of Byron Katie in conjunction with Philosophical Counselling. This powerful process and grounded methodology allows for the successful exploration and resolution of complex personal issues.

The art of asking powerful questions gives us the possibility of opening perspectives, changing paradigms and create new beginnings. I will share with you four questions that can change your life. Think of a thought about someone that you feel is stressful i.e: "He doesn't appreciate me" or any other you can think of and ask yourself the following questions in a meditative manner:

1. Is it true?

2. Can you absolutely believe its true?

3. How do you react what happens when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without that thought?

Turn the thought around:

Original thought: "He doesn't appreciate me"

To Self: "I don't appreciate myself"
To Other: "I don't appreciate him"
Opposite: "He does appreciate me"

For more on how to do The Work please visit: www.thework.com