Building Teams that Trust. Cortes Island, BC

June 1-5, 2016     |    Hollyhock, Cortes Island     |     $495 course, meals and lodging included     |     REGISTER HERE

Limiting narratives we tell ourselves separate us from our teams. They keep us from connecting with the compassion, clarity and openness necessary to seeing what is truly possible. Discover interactive tools that allow you to see yourself in new ways, leading to deep inquiry, connection and impact.

Engage in a highly interactive program of dyads, triads and small groups, applying effective and proven inquiry-based tools and techniques. Once learned and practiced, these lead to honest communication as well as critical, creative reflection that foster and sustain a shared team vision.

 Deepening connection and trust, these team building practices and tools:

  • Undo limiting narratives that fuel the self-critical mind
  • Reveal and reverse the cost of risk avoidance
  • Uncover blind spots of the power paradigm
  • Help you embrace radical responsibility for your experience
  • Teach you to ask the questions that transform teams

We invite you to come with an open mind. Bring your exhaustion and unrealized expectations so we can question the underlying beliefs that block your creativity and resilience. Our time together is an invitation to expand imagination and courage in becoming leaders that embrace the uncertainty of the journey.

Innerland Institute of Leadership

Leaders within organizations know that success comes with our ability to clearly understand and address what we perceive to be personal challenges, resource limitations or external obstacles.  Using Inquiry to systematically address the issues we perceive as getting in the way of our success clears perceptional obstacles in and of themselves, and allows our teams to see the situation in a way in which clarity, understanding and ownership manifest. Inquiry can be used by individuals or teams in any organization and at any level. 

Please contact us so that we can learn more about your leadership or organizational needs.   We offer custom-made, inquiry-based leadership development programs for individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Questioning our negative, worrying, and anxious thoughts when it comes to leadership and organizational needs opens the door to clarity, energy, creativity and productivity.